About Me

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“I love Jesus! My purpose in life is simple: Jesus – to know Him and make Him known. I pray everything I do, think, say, and am brings glory to my King. He has put a passion in my heart to pursue real and true health. Health in mind AND body that comes from the things He gave us on this earth.”

-I’m a wife – my husband of 19 years is my better half, completes me in every area I lack in. He’s my best friend.

-I’m a Mom – after years of struggling with infertility, in vitro blessed me with twin boys. The significant hormone imbalances that resulted from in-vitro are part of what have driven me to seek out a Naturalista lifestyle.

-I’m a daughter – an only child. Spoiled. I love my parents dearly and am so blessed by the relationship my family and I have with them.

-I’m OBSESSED with food.  My days are planned around what I’m going to eat and when I’m going to eat it. My favorite restaurants are those that serve local, seasonal, sustainable, organic, and farm to table food.

-I’m passionate about natural health.  Holistic, green, clean, sustainable… Naturalista. I do what I can, when I can, and what is within our budget to do.  



This page is for mamas who love Jesus, who are passionate about all things natural (holistic, green, sustainable, clean, whatever the word!) …living in an over processed world, bombarded by toxins at every corner, juggling a busy mama life… all the while balancing healthy choices for our family and empowering them to make healthy choices too.


JessaJohnsonNaturalista promises to inspire, compel, and gently call a guilt-free invitation to holistic living at your pace, in bite sized & attainable steps. No judgment, finger- wagging or guilt trips here!


Here I will share my own personal and continuing journey in becoming a Jesus-loving Naturalista. I will offer simple Naturalista living tips, tricks, and resources that are EASY, time saving, money saving, and within reach for every mama! Let’s make taking care of our family naturally a JOY rather than a chore, simple rather than complicated, compelling rather than condemning.


You’re not alone. I understand the need and desire (that often feels like an uphill battle) to pave a healthy path for your family… one they will follow when mama is not around.

 Anyone can be a Naturalista. JOIN ME in pursuing all things pure!

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